Visualization showing an animated timeline of political violence and protests from 1997 to 2017.- ©️ lovelljohns|Pablo Gallego

Africa - 20 Years of Political Violence

The visualization above produces information on specific dates and locations of political violence and protest, the types of event, the groups involved, fatalities, and changes in territorial control. Specifically, information is recorded on the battles, killings, riots, and recruitment activities of rebels, governments, militias, armed groups, protesters and civilians. With close to 200,000 individual events recorded, ACLED allows this data to be used for immediate and long-term analysis and mapping of political violence and protest across developing countries through use of historical data.

The user can pause the animation and use the slide bar to show the data visualisation at a specific month.The detailed interactive map allows the user to explore in detail over 44,000 individual incidents across 20 countries. Specifically, the user can filter the total dataset by Country, by Incident type, and Year.