Pablo is a 34-year-old cartographer specialising in web mapping and data analysis. He has been producing maps for various industries in the last 6 years. He was involved in agricultural development projects in West Africa (Mauritania), as well as working as a land surveyor for several mapping organisations in Spain and the UK.

The goal of his work is to derive insights from the location and context of real-world phenomena such as migration flows, conflict and major incidents. He is concerned with "why things happen where they do", as well as trying to use existing data and models to predict the likelihood of migration-related outcomes in specific geographical areas.

WHY MAPS MATTER? Maps are one of the most trusted forms of communication – which makes them great for getting your point across. We depend on maps every day—to navigate, to check the weather, to understand the world. Perhaps because maps typically depict the real world, they are one of the most trusted and powerful forms of visual communication.

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